Line art of people exiting through a doorway with barriers representing end of night exit procedures.

End of Night Exit Procedures

April 10, 2024

Venues identified at-risk times for vulnerable patrons as sites of intervention. This identified the end-of-the-night process when venues are required to remove patrons, where being intoxicated or alone place heightened vulnerability to be targeted by unsafe behaviours. Strategies included:

Staffing the door on exit to help observe patrons leaving,

Improving street front lighting,

Staggering exit times,

Training staff in how to identify potential high-risk exit situations

Assessing duty of care to assist patrons in ordering ride share or taxis if unable to do so themselves.

The workshop discussions identified how different liquor licensing rules can impact the process of removing patrons at the end of the night. i.e. the Mojo’s licence allows the venue to continue to have patrons inside the premises after the service of alcohol ends, whereas Connection’s nightclub licence requires patrons to be removed within 15 minutes. This could offer possible insight into how exit procedures are supported/hindered by licensing rules.



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